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LinkedIn is fast becoming the alternative to a CV within the professional business community. Not only is it exploited to offer job opportunities it is also used for networking and head hunting. In fact a lot of companies are utilising LinkedIn as alternative to traditional advertising for a new employee as the site enables them to find people with specific skills they wish to recruit quickly and easily.

Stay ahead of the game and ensure you have a professional profile to ensure you stand out from the crowd and get discovered by top recruiters / companies. We are experts in using social media as a job hunting tool and know exactly what to put on a LinkedIn profile to make sure your details / skills don’t get missed.

As part of our service we provide search engine optimised keywords so that recruiting managers can easily find you, completely re-write your profile to ensure that it shows your professional personality and relevant skills / experience. In addition we create a summary that captures your professional self, what you are doing with and what you want from your career. Once completed you can simply update your LinkedIn profile with the information we create and wait for the job offers to roll in.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

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