3 Simple Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile to get Hired Quickly

Mar 30, 2022 | Writing a CV

LinkedIn is a fantastic place to connect and network with other business and skilled professionals in your industry and many others. The site hosts a network of millions of professionals, with many effectively using it as an interactive online CV / resume making it a great place to secure your next job. Check out the following three simple LinkedIn profile writing tips to get hired quickly.

Write A Compelling LinkedIn Profile Summary

A strong LinkedIn summary will set your profile apart and invite more professionals to connect with you. Be clear about your target audience and whom you want to attract. It must draw the reader in and make them want to connect with you. Ensure it summarises skills you can offer, career accomplishments, and measurable achievements from your previous employers. The section is huge and has a 2,000 characters limit to take advantage of.

Ensure Professionalism of Your Content

A LinkedIn profile offers online professional representation. They are regularly trawled / searched by recruiters today as a critical step to finding the best candidates for job openings and opportunities. After an initial contact message through LinkedIn, an actual CV / resume is generally requested. Hence LinkedIn profiles should be similar to an existing resume. List your job descriptions in three to five bullet points. Ensuring they are concise to make your content more readable. Take the time to write in a way that sells your brand, and don’t forget to use a professional and clear headshot of yourself.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile Regularly

The job market is very competitive, with sometimes hundreds of applicants competing for one job. Linkedin is a handy-multi faceted tool when it comes to growing your career. The site works as a public CV/ resume, cover letter, reference point, and personal branding website. As your career changes and you grow, your Linkedin profile should change and grow, too. Updating your Linkedin profile keeps you current and part of the conversation. Preventing you from getting left behind. We are all constantly learning and improving. Your Linkedin profile should show and represent that.

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