Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process?

Following your order with CV Made Better we begin working right away and guarantee to deliver it back within the agreed turnaround time.

With CV’s / Resumes we generally request a copy of your existing one and ask you to complete a simple questionnaire to be returned to us via email. From there comes your consultation which we complete via phone, Skype or Zoom at a time to suit.

Using the information gathered we go to work and create your new professional CV / Resume, LinkedIn Profile or Cover Letter.

All delivered back via email in either or both a Microsoft Word and PDF format.

Who will be my Writer and what relevant experience do they have?
All of our writers possess extensive experience in CV / Resume / LinkedIn Profile writing, are highly educated, with a successful recruitment or HR background having proven experience getting candidates job interviews.
When do I pay?
We do require full payment at the time of your order which is taken securely on our website via PayPal / Stripe. No PayPal / Stripe account is required and you can use your debit or credit card to make payment.
Are you able to write in other languages?
Unfortunately, not we only write in English. We can however compose documents in American English should this be required. Just let us know prior to commencing any work.
Can you send me an example CV / Resume?
Regrettably, we are unable to offer examples of our work as every CV / Resume we work on is a custom piece of writing work. We have no set templates and to send out a completed CV / Resume would compromise data protection for existing clients.
Do You Write CV’s / Resume’s / LinkedIn Profiles for Clients outside the UK?

Yes, we do. In fact, the majority of our overseas clients are based in the Europe, Middle East and the USA. They engage us because we have many years’ experience in overseas employment markets, and because the exchange rate makes it very favourable for them to purchase in English Pounds. Documents for the US market and Middle East have some market specific idiosyncrasies like spelling, grammar, the meanings of certain words, measurements and things such as paper size need to be taken into consideration for certain employment markets.

We can discuss your country specific requirements during your consultation.

Do I need to see you at any point?
We would love to meet up with you in person, however all our work and interaction with clients is completed via e-mail, Telephone, Skype and Zoom.

We have reviewed, written and analysed thousands of CVs, Resumes and LinkedIn profiles for individuals at all levels.