Job Hunting during the Global Pandemic

May 13, 2021 | Writing a CV

The COVID-19 global pandemic has had a significant effect on every aspect of our lives.  Economies have declined, bringing high levels of apprehension and caution across most business sectors, particularly hiring. Economic super powers like the United States and the UK  have seen a significant reduction in their national workforces, with further job losses expected as the long term effects of COVID 19 fully play out.

Mass vaccination programmes are helping to curb the tide, but with new variants springing up all the time and countries like India struggling to get on top of the virus, the situation is a long way from being resolved.  COVID 19 has become a permanent part of life.

We should all be ready for further economic impacts, including job loss. To help, we have prepared some practical strategies below to significantly increase your chances of landing a job during this ongoing pandemic.

Write an CV that is effective

An effective CV is a summary of your work experience, skills and qualifications. It tells your professional story and presents your brand to a prospective employer. Whether planning to apply for a job in your current field or try a career change, you need an effective and updated CV. CV writing has changed over time, with different styles and designs evolving. Modern, magazine-type resumes can present better for creative industries whilst some traditional layouts are better suited to business or academic positions.  Whatever job you apply for, ensure your CV design is appealing enough to impress. Professional recruiters take an average of ten seconds to scan a resume. Ask yourself, will my CV pass the 10-second test? Make it worth them reading further.

Equally important is your CV’s content. Is your information organised and consistent in terms of technical phrases and duties descriptions? Do your accomplishments come across clearly? Is it professionally written with correct grammar while observing proper sentence structure? Are essential skills adequately highlighted?

LinkedIn Networking

Social media plays a significant role in modern job-hunting. Your online presence matters, and maintaining an active, engaged approach to your LinkedIn account can make a real difference. Engage with posts, join groups, follow relevant hashtags.

Checking a job applicant’s social media accounts is standard recruitment practice for most companies / organisations. A professionally written LinkedIn profile is very much your first impression. Would you turn up to an interview badly dressed? Then why have a blurry picture of yourself or no skills listed in your Linkedin Profile?

Think of your profile that way as it connects you with people who can provide a new job or lead you to find a new career. LinkedIn is a branding tool that can boost your marketability because recruiters use it to source for and connect with job seekers.

Evaluate Your Skills and Learn New Ones

Job hunting is more challenging than ever due to the global pandemic. You may possess the needed skills for a job; however, quantifying that may be difficult. Consider taking qualifications or professional certifications to solidify your skillset and provide tangible proof to a future employer that you can do the job.

Want to look at a change of career? Take an hour to reflect on what your good at?  What are your passions? What do you enjoy? Are you good at maths?  Do you like numbers? How about a career in accounting or data analysis?

Take some free online courses to help explore the ideas you have come up with. There are many free training providers, webinars and a host of free online resources to help improve your current skills or learn new ones. Diverting your spare time from potential job loss will help you increase your marketability to your future employers.

If you need help regarding a new position, New CV or Linkedin don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Take a look at our writing services below.