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In fact, helping individuals reach their career goals is what gets our team out of bed in the morning. Your CV, resume or Linkedin profile is your story, and we like a happy ending.

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It was a pleasure working with CV Made Better to rework my CV. They are thorough professional, and extremely patient. The writer took many inputs from me during our one-on-one discussion, which are reflected in my new CV. He has done an excellent job, and my CV  / LinkedIn now looks much better and less cluttered. We did have some back and forth while doing these, but it all worked out really well in the end. CV Made Better was able to understand what I needed. I’d definitely reach out to them for these CV  / Resume Writing services in future. Thanks a lot, CV Made Better!

Shwetha K

Specialist Technical Editor

Karnataka, India / Mar 2021

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CV Made Better rewrote my resume and LinkedIn profile, and I am pretty happy with the results! We had a zoom call to start things off; The writer, Paul, was interested in knowing what I wanted to improve and was unhappy with what was on my then current resume. As he got to know me, he crafted something that I believe is very representative of me and who I am. CV Made Better are easy to work with, responsive to requests, and provide a very high touch service. I highly recommend! 

Dave B

Senior Software Engineering Manager

Houston, USA / Mar 2021

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I feel so lucky to have found CV Made Better! Honestly, before them, it never crossed my mind to look for a professional to help improve my resume. Now I understand the importance of his skills, attention to detail, professionalism and valuable feedback in this regard. Throughout the entire process, the writer constantly checked back and reviewed the changes made and provided even more feedback, which truly helped my resume stand out. If you ever need a CV writing professional, look no more, and contact CV Made Better. They have a wide variety of services for every budget.

Raul A

Technical Writer / Translator

Mexico City, Mexico / Feb 2021

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CV Made Better are thorough professionals who have changed my CV and LinkedIn profile in accordance with the local market. They kept in constant touch with me to understand my skills and experience, which helped me realise my potential and resulted in a much better CV and LinkedIn profile. At the end, they guided me on deciding the strategy to search a suitable role and given some valuable job searching tips. The outcome of it is that now I am getting more job calls from recruiters and consultants. Thank you so much, CV Made Better, for all the help!!!!!

Dhanashree D

Technical Support Engineer

Swindon, UK / Feb 2021

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I was sceptical about using a CV writing service. There are many available to choose from, and how do you know who is right for you? I was also convinced that my CV was good enough to go it alone, but after applying for numerous jobs in the last few months and getting zero response, I decided to use a professional. CV Made Better were true professionals from our first conversation, giving me detailed information on the different packages on offer and which one they felt I could benefit most from having reviewed both my CV and LinkedIn. All the while, they provided fantastic customer service and a genuine desire to help me with any questions I had, never trying to push the sale. Within a few days of completing the questionnaire and having our one-to-one discussion, I now have a CV and LinkedIn profile that articulates my professional experience more than I ever thought possible, and I am delighted with the results! I cannot wait to start sending this to potential employers and putting it to the test. Thanks, CV Made Better

Aaron P

Commercial Pricing Analyst

London, UK / Feb 2021

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Thank you for your excellent service! At first, I was sceptical about using this service as I was convinced that my CV was good enough to land me a dream job. I was sure that it was just Covid times and a tough market, that is why my LinkedIn profile was of little interest to potential recruiters. My CV writer was brilliant. He outlined all the benefits of different packages, and I decided to go for it. I was very impressed with the methodology and the great customer service received. Within two days of getting my new CV and a refreshed LinkedIn profile, I started getting InMail’s from recruiters again and securing job interviews. I cannot recommend this service highly enough! It is very much worth it!

Dinara F

EMEA Head Of Channel Operations

Maidenhead, UK / Feb 2021

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Working with CV Made Better was a fantastic experience. From our initial conversation, my resume writer was always professional and straightforward with his communication. I never got the feeling he was trying to “sell me.” On the contrary, he was just giving me honest feedback on my existing resume and how it could be improved. CV Made Better’s genuine desire to help made me decide to take the next step and hire them to assist in revising my resume, and I am glad I did. I ended up with a fantastic resume that I feel confident sending to prospective employers. I would absolutely recommend CV Made Better to anyone!

Charles C

Technical Support Engineer

New York City, USA / Jan 2021

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Very pleased, I used CV Made Better services as someone who hasn’t truly written an external CV properly in over 20 years and only scratched the service of using Linked In. CV Made Better provides the complete package, and does this by taking the time to go through who you are, what you’re goals are, understand what makes you unique which they use in building out your CV to really highlight the skills which ATS systems search for, but in a way that the CV naturally flows with the right balance of information so that you have the edge on other applicants when applying for the roles you’re really after.

Graham H

Senior Project Manager

Bristol, UK / Dec 2020

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I have worked with CV Made Better to update my CV and my LinkedIn profile, and the results were very impressive. My writer dedicated the needed time to understand my career, work field, goals and objectives without a rush. He then summarised the data of my achievements, skills and career path into short, easy-to-read, informative, professional CV. CV Made Better services are highly recommended.

Ali A

Senior Sales Manager

DUBAI, UAE / Nov 2020

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CV Made Better are true professionals. Their CV and profile improvement services are of the highest quality. The consultation service, professional insight and the focused approach helped me understand where I should be channelling my efforts. Due to CV Made Betters efforts, my CV and LinkedIn profile now look amazing and are making a higher impact than ever. Thank you for your help and for taking the time to open my eyes. Great work!

Bogdan P

Experienced Project Manager

Northampton, UK / Nov 2020

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My writer was one of the most dedicated professionals I have known. He thinks on the cutting edge of writing skills and is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. He was not only a reliable and forward-thinking person but also an inspiring team player. He will find a way to weather any storm with a smile whilst absolutely shining in a hectic environment. Would highly recommend CV Made Better.

Victor H

Regional Sales Manager

DUBAI, UAE / Aug 2020

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I highly recommend CV Made Better. They take the time to get to know you and your career to date and turns the process into a relationship, rather than a transaction. CV Made Better was both professional and diligent and offers a different perspective, representing your career and ambitions in a high quality & honest, professional profile.

Matt N

Vice President Transformation


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I highly recommend CV Made Better as a company that creates an excellent professional result while being supportive and extremely informative on further necessary steps to secure a potential job.

Athanasia G

Systemic Psychotherapist

London, UK / Jun 2020

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CV Made Better did an amazing job rewriting my CV and LinkedIn profile. They were very helpful with my cover letter and provided me with useful templates to use in the future. The Skype consultation was extremely useful as it made me realise some important bits in the application processes that I consistently overlooked. CV Made Better were very supportive and even offered to proofread a research proposal I had to submit with the job application

Franja P

Environmental Scientist

Ljubljana, Slovenia / MAY 2020

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CV Made Better have been very helpful since the day I sought their advice and recommendations for my CV. They are very approachable and professional in their work. If such need arises for CV help and guidance, they are the best person you can count on.

Ruvelyn E

General Accountant

DUBAI, UAE / May 2020

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I am glad and full of gratitude to CV Made Better for offering their time to review and revise my curriculum vitae. I know it takes time to read through the CV and other things you have to attend to. I learned a lot from your reviews. I now have an improved CV that communicates clearly to intended recipients or prospective employees. I highly recommend you for CV Made Better for other job seekers.

Karari C

Measurement and Learning Consultant

Nairobi, Kenya / May 2020

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I was very happy with the way CV Made Better helped with my CV and helped me get a new job.

Abel C

Computer Technician


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CV Made Better consistently delivered over and above when I engaged with them to change my CV and cover letter. Firstly they offered not a one fits all approach. The writer dedicated himself and his time to me when I had a very short time-frame to have these documents available. Being in different time zones, he, again and again, made himself available to me at times that suited me. Finally, however, putting aside the high-quality outcome that was provided personally to me would make me highly recommend CV Made Better to anyone.

Adele F

Manager Enterprise Operations and Applications


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Firstly, many thanks for your service CV Made Better. I would highly recommend them if you wanted to make your CV look better than it is today. I am not regretting choosing him among many others. My new CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile speaks volumes about their work.

Prathiba L

Quality Analyst


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CV Made Better are really supportive and talented CV specialists. They have given me advice and support during my time as a job seeker. Their help enabled me to stand out in the talent market, and attracted interest from recruiters and hiring managers from key industries. I highly recommend seeking CV Made Better’s expertise if you need advice during your job searching journey

Elisa P

Compliance Officer


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CV Made Better are exceptional at providing detailed advice and pointed instructions. They were helpful and thorough. CV Made Better are very knowledgeable of US and UK markets and know how to empower clients to achieve success.

Kim M

Industrial Organisational Psychologist

Parsippany, NJ, USA / FEB 2020

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CV Made Better are great at their work and very humble.  They carry an attitude to give back more. They reviewed my CV and gave me great pointers to improve. Not only do that they rechecked after you have made changes until it looks good from all aspects. Resumes does look better after their reviews. Keep up the good work

Prachi A

UX UI Designer


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CV Made Better are such amazing souls. I am so impressed with the changes in my resume. My CV is totally different. I can recommend their work anyway in the world. They are so good. Thanks, CV Made Better.

Peace M


Abuja, NIGERIA / FEB 2020

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 CV Made Better were very thorough with their approach. They understood what I was looking for. We had to go back and forth to make changes, but the writer approached it calmly and professionally. Thank you very much for your help.

Shehla J

Business Accountant

Bristol, UK / DEC 2019

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I’m really excited to recommend CV Made Better to anyone who wants his or her cv edited. I’m glad they have given my CV a review. It now looks professional. I’m so grateful, Many thanks

Fredrick B

Technical Engineer

GHANA / Dec 2019

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I had a really impressive CV, or so I thought.  CV Made Better has done an incredible job on it! I’m very happy indeed with the professional service supplied and can honestly recommend them. Thanks, CV Made Better!

Steve D

Aftersales Manager

Reading, UK / Dec 2019

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CV Made Better thanks so much for helping me with my resume. I am very pleased with how organised and professional it looks. I recommend this company to anyone who needs CV rewriting.

Ghislaine K

Business Administrator

Kigali, RWANDA / DEC 2019

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CV Made Better, responded promptly to my very last minute request of revamping my CV. Whilst all the detail was there, the order and flow of it was dated. They improved the flow/format and rearticulated areas to help my CV read better, which is just what it needed! Thanks, CV Made Better for the speedy turnaround!!!!

Juilanne M

Senior Project Manager

Gloucester, UK / Nov 2019

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CV Made Better are very humble and generous people. When it comes to work, they are quick and accurate. The best thing about their CV review comments is they are short, crisp and to the point. Thanks for your assistance

Farrah K

Senior Software Engineer

Guragon, INDIA / NOV 2019

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CV Made Better recently gave my CV a much-needed overhaul, by transforming it into a well presented, high resolution and concise two-page document. I was delighted with his attention to detail and personal insight summaries. I am confident that my CV supports my brand as a stand-out amongst many applicants, in a very competitive employment marketplace. Thank you! CV Made Better, for all your efforts

Andrew L

Financial Planner


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CV Made Better was a big help for me, as they reviewed my resume and offered really in-depth advice on how to improve and get work in a specific country (USA). I was impressed with there deep understanding of the recruitment process internationally, and friendly attitude. I recommend this company for anyone who needs rewriting CV/Resume to get his dream job. Thanks, CV Made Better for all your help, and support.


Executive Assistant

Jerusalem, ISRAEL / OCT 2019

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It was great to work with CV Made Better. They completely reconstructed my resume from the very beginning, making it far sharper, more precise, and more focused than my previous one. I recommend CV Made Better without reservation.

Solon K

Property Manager

New York, USA / OCT 2019

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CV’s play an important role in any job application, by improvising CV’s of job seekers CV Made Better is doing a really good job. I am really impressed by their work as they helped my connections (jobseekers) to build excellent professional CVs.

Sakshi L

Coordinator – Career Management


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Thanks for the brand new look of my CV. If you need a CV revamp, reach out to CV Made Better.

Ogechi H

SAP Consultant

LAGOS, Nigeria / OCT 2019