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Need a Graduate CV or applying for University?

As you take your first steps into the world of work, making the right decision is important. CV Made Better consultants have conducted graduate recruitment campaigns for various multinational organisations and companies. We offer a range of graduate CV Writing services designed to help either those applying for university or graduates seeking a first job in industry.

When you start university there is a natural presumption it will be easy to get your dream job once you have qualified. But with companies only offering a limited amount of graduate places competition can be fierce to work for the best companies.

Effective graduate CV writing and how best to fill in application forms is something seldom taught well at school. It can be difficult to present your qualifications and relevant experience to maximum effect. First impressions are very important in any situation. Your graduate CV or Application is representative of you so it’s crucial that it is well written and highlights your qualities effectively. All orders will receive a complimentary Interview Preparation Guide.

Graduates Special Offers

Graduate CV & Introduction Letter - £85

University Application & Personal Statement - £80

Graduate Services Prices
Graduate CV

Once you have finished University it can be hard to find work that matches your skills. There is a lot of competition for starting positions and graduate programmes. You know that you would make a great contribution to any company, but unless you are able to communicate this effectively, you will struggle to be given the chance to prove that. CV Made Better takes the pain out of graduate CV Writing and has helped numerous graduates secure a career in a range of professions.

CV Made Better will work with you to create a New graduate CV that is tailored to match the type of career you wish to undertake. The graduate CV will be written using our expert knowledge to be targeted to your desired industry or profession. It includes a detailed Personal Statement, Skills, Education, Work History and any relevant experience presented in a professional, concise and attractive format.

Graduate CV - £75

University Application Form

Due to an increase in the number of annual university applications, grades are simply not enough to be offered an automatic place for your chosen course or desired university. The most popular universities have hundreds if not thousands of applicants every year. When grades are so similar university application forms will be sifted, and only a certain amount will be selected. This makes it imperative you know what to include to make your application stand out and become one of those invited for an interview.

We offer expert advice on completing your University Application form. After researching and reading through the course prospectus, our consultants will be able to send the necessary text to you via email. All you need to do then is simply write it in and add your signature.

University Application Form - £50

Introduction Letter

It is essential that you have an Introduction / Cover Letter to accompany your Graduate CV or application. This gives you a clear opportunity to put into words your reasons for being the most suited person for the job / course and highlight key experience or skills you can offer contained within the CV / Application.

Introduction Letters we produce do just that. They will help your application to stand out even more. Our professionally written Introduction Letters are fully editable, and allow you to change and adapt key elements of the text so they can be used time and time again in either an email or formal letter.

Introduction / Cover Letter - £25

For more information on any of the graduate CV Writing services we provide please contact us any time via phone or email.  Alternatively send us a message via our contacts page with your name / telephone number and we will contact you as soon as possible, or at a time that is convenient to you.

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